US – Africa Summit: Genocide Was A Lesson For All Rwandans – Kagame

President Kagame speaking at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, US, ahead of the US-African Leaders’ Summit.
President Kagame speaking at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, US, ahead of the US-African Leaders’ Summit.

The 1994 Rwanda genocide against ethnic Tutsis served as a lesson for all Rwandans, the country’s president Paul Kagame has said.

President Kagame made these remarks on Monday while addressing leaders and members of the Aspen Institute, USA while commenting on Rwanda’s progress and challenges.

Kagame is among over forty African leaders attending the two day US-Africa Summit currently underway in the United States.

He attributed the country’s phenomenal recovery to the resilience of the people of Rwanda. “For us, the question was what happens if we fail to achieve? There was no alternative. What Rwandans have achieved is because of the resilience of the people. Other people can help but no one will carry our burden for us.”

President Kagame began with a dinner hosted by Pan African leaders in honor of Ambassador Andrew Young on Monday.

“Andrew Young, alongside those with whom he fought the struggle for freedom and civil rights, here in the United States, is testament that one generation can, indeed, bring about transformational change.”

Paying tribute to Ambassador Young fight for dignity for all:

We thank Ambassador Young for his lifelong commitment to peace, freedom, and civil rights, his passionate commitment to securing Africa’s place in the global economy, and for his unshakable confidence in the future of Rwanda and its people.”

Other notable personalities who shared their tribute to Andrew Young included, President Clinton and Strive Masiyiwa, founder and chairman of Econet wireless.

Prior to the dinner honoring Andrew Young, President Kagame received Ambassador Samantha Power of the United Nations.

During the first day of the summit, President Kagame will be attending the US Africa Business forum where he will be speaking on the topic, Game Plan: Shaping The Future Of A Fast-Growing Continent alongside Presidents Macky Sall (Senegal), President Jacob Zuma (South Africa), President Jakaya Kikwete and President Marzoui.

The US Africa Business forum brings together African Heads of State and business owners. The forum is hosted by Bloomberg Philanthropies and will focus on trade and investment opportunities on the continent. Other speakers at the US Africa Business Forum include US Secretary of State John Kerry, Dr. Jim Young Kim of the World Bank and Ambassador Susan Rice.

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  1. Politicians are funny people. If Habyrimana was to resurrect he would blame Kagame for invading Rwanda. True, if Kagame and the group did not invade Rwanda the genocide would have been avoided. Peaceful means for conflict resolution should be explored in Africa. Kagame can’t guarantee the so called peace in Rwanda unless there are ways of handing over power as stipulated by the constitution and negotiating with the rebels in DRC. The biggest challenge in Africa is greed for power and this seems to be the trade for every predominantly African leader. I believe strongly that in Africa, people who assume political offices do so for personal gains and that is why it is heard for them to leave, since human needs are insatiable. That is the primitive nature of man.

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