Weasel To Legally View Samira’s Eclipse

Ex Goodlyfe singer and 2013 BET nominee Douglas Sseguya famously known by his stage name Weasel has finally decided to settle with one girl.

weasel kwanjula

Yesterday, Weasel and his close friends visited Samira’s home in Jinja where they were blessed and accepted into the family

For long Weasel has been in several relationships that have yielded over 34 children from 24 mothers

weasel kwanjula1

Red Pepper online understands that Weasel snatched Samira from his young brother AK 47.

Weasel started his singing carrier in Chameleone’s Leone Island, he later joined Goodlyfe crew and as per now he has no label.

3 thoughts on “Weasel To Legally View Samira’s Eclipse

  1. That girl must have been a musicians and has also planted her out equivalent to weasle.
    Otherwise she is gonna face how weasle’s demonds and jagga will affect her.

  2. Hahaha, Weasel, are you going to fill Uganda alone, let others also get children naawe!

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