Why Bobi Wine’S Charity Concert Flopped

BY Dixon Bond Okello

I think artistes in Uganda have over exposed themselves and the wow factor is no longer there.

Empty seats at Bobi Wine's charity concert
Empty seats at Bobi Wine’s charity concert

Musicians are supposed to be “stars” and you don’t see stars everyday.

But in Kampala the ‘stars’ are all over town, perform in fake places for little money or just bottles of liquor, getting blind drunk and getting beaten up in pubs.

There is a ‘launch’ almost every weekend somewhere in Kampala and I think there are too many music shows for such a small city.

The reason why we don’t have a paparazzi culture in Uganda, is because we don’t have stars in this country for paparazzi to chase.

The media outlets buy stuff from paparazzi because ordinary people are constantly clamoring and willing to buy information about the lives of the rich and the famous (the stars).

Some of our “stars” don’t even bathe, they are dirty, most of the ‘stars’ are broke or act broke and desperate. Now all this doesn’t make them appealing to very many people. Who wants an autograph from a musician who constantly looks hazed on weed?

3 thoughts on “Why Bobi Wine’S Charity Concert Flopped

  1. You said it all! I have always wanted to know why our so called celebs act so weird, they are always ”high on something” especially the men! It seems like a culture now in Uganda’s entertainment industry to have 9 out 10 musicians using weed or some substance on or off the stage! You can’t have your son or daughter long for an autograph from an already drunk chap calling himself a celeb!Weed is destroying nations around the world especially the youth because they saw so and so an entertainer doing drugs and its cool!

  2. This article has said it all………..Uganda has a serious deficiency of celebrities or stars as they’re normally referred to. Kiprotich seems to be one of the only few celebrities we have down here

  3. I actually agree. But what came in my mind as I was reading was that this article must have been written by the one and only Madam Mary Luswata, but then later, I saw it was a good lesson

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