Woman Kills Husband Over UGX 175, 000 Kwanjula Money

A woman has been arrested in Mbirizi, Lwengo district, for striking and killing her husband for refusing to share ‘kwanjula’ money.


The 45-year old woman Joyce Nakalema killed her husband Vincent Kagiri (44) after learning he had received 175, 000 shillings from their future son-law and refused to share it with her.

The incident occurred in Kyawagonya village, Lwengo Rural Sub County, Lwengo district yesterday evening.

The family has been preparing for the introduction ceremony (kwanjula) of Kagiri’s daughter with his second wife Nnalongo Maria Nakyejwe.

Kagiri initiated a relationship with Nakyejwe after Nakalema failed to conceive a produce children.

Kagiri has four children with Maria Nakyejwe, including twins.

John Kalanzi, the Village Vice Chairperson, says Nakyejwe informed Kagiri that their future son-law had given the family 350, 000 shillings to prepare for the kwanjula ceremony.

After sharing the money equitably with Nakyejwe, Kagiri’s first wife Nakalema was annoyed to learn that he did not intend to give her a portion of the 175, 000 shillings he had retained.

The conflict over the money came to a head yesterday evening. When Kagiri insisted he would not give Nakalema any of the money, an angry Nakalema allegedly grabbed a hoe and struck Kagiri three times on the head killing him.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson Noah Sserunjoji says that police has recovered the hand hoe.

He says that Nakalema is likely to face charges of murder when police investigations are completed.

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  1. Men sometimes are the trouble causers when it comes to such things concerning money.

  2. Interesting scenario. When did potential sons in law start sponsoring kwanjula functions at the parents of the girl in Buganda? This is shameful and should stop. Secondly why did the woman who is not the biological mother of the girl have high hopes of sharing in the money? Now that the man is dead, how does this benefit this unkind woman?

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