3 Students Injured in School Dormitory Collapse

Three Kings College Comprehensive School students have been injured and 80 left with no shelter after their dormitory collapsed on Friday night.

The makeshift tripple decker beds being used by the students tat the school
The makeshift tripple decker beds being used by the students tat the school

The dormitory collapsed during the heavy downpour on Friday night.

Located in Obangapewany village near Lumumba trading Centre, Lira, Kings College Comprehensive School is a privately owned school. The school opened its doors two years ago and is a major feature on the Lira-Soroti highway.

Police has identified the students who were injured as Walter Odongo, Willy Ocen and Denis Obang.

Manshur Suwed, Central North regional police spokesperson, said the boys dorimtory had been very poorly built and not fit for human habitation. He said police had learned that the dormitory was costructed in 3 weeks.

Police also discovered that the school had decided to use wobbly wooden triple decker beds. The school was also using some of the dormitories as study areas during the day.

Robson Ogwang, an eye witness and neighbour to the school. said that various education equipment like books, mattresses, and clothes had been buried in the collapsed building.

Jimmy Moko, a student, said that those who had been unable to find alternative shelter were left at the mercy of the elements.

Geoffrey Odongo, the school director, and other officials have not been seen on the school’s premises since the incident. It is believed they have gone into hiding.

Suwed says police is looking for the school management.

In July 2014, the school was shut down by the Lira district security authority in conjunction with the education officials. It is not clear how the school opened its doors again to take in students.

The dormitory that collapsed was home to about 80 students who attend vocational studies. The school has a 200 member student population.

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