400 Face Eviction in Mbarara

Tension is high in Kakiika division in Mbarara municipality as 400 families face eviction from their homes. The families were recently served with eviction notices by Kasifa Namaganda, a business woman based in Masaka.

Mbarara town
Mbarara town

The contested land measuring 23.5 hectares  covers Makenke and Rwobuyenje villages in Kakiika division. Ester Tabu,  one of the affected residents says she has stayed on the disputed for over 50 years and was recently surprised to receive any eviction notice .

Captain Justus Mwesigwa,  a representative of the affected families says Namaganda connived with LCs in Kakiika and forged signatures of some of the residents, which she used to secure a titled for the disputed land.

Mwesigwa says despite the fact that they managed to put a caveat on the said land, Namaganda managed to have it lifted.

Mwesigwa says the news of re-instating the land title has sent panic amongst residents.

Benon Mugume, the Kakiika division LC 111 chairperson says as local leaders they have written to the deputy resident district commissioner Mbarara Moses Mwebesa asking  president Museveni to intervene and halt the planned eviction.

In 2008, the affected residents filed a civil suit against Namaganda before Mbarara high court but to-date their case has not been disposed off.

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  1. Mazongoto, at times the Namagandas are Banyankole, tho it would sound sweet if she was from another tribe

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