Amama Speaks Out On His Sacking

Uganda's now former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Uganda’s now former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

Sacked Ugandan Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi has spoken out for the first time on President Yoweri Museveni’s decision to fire him from cabinet thanking the latter for giving him the opportunity to serve the country.

Amama, who was replaced by Health Minister, Ruhakana Rugunda said he is ready to sserve the country in any capacity.

Read the full statement here

I thank the President, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for having given me the opportunity to serve my country as Prime Minister and in other capacities prior to this. I will continue to offer my services to my country in whatever capacity I can. I have congratulated Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda on his appointment.

I have no doubts that he has the capacity to execute the duties of prime minister effectively. I thank my colleagues in Cabinet for the maximum cooperation I received as Prime Minister. I also thank the Public Service, especially those that I’ve worked with all these years.

I appreciate the great service they have rendered to this nation and will remain loyal and dedicated to working with them whenever my services are needed. For God and my country. Amama Mbabazi

15 thoughts on “Amama Speaks Out On His Sacking

  1. GO HOME Amama ! Why do you think that the country still needs you and cannot do withoiut your service ? You`ve been SACKED. That should tell you something.
    Your brave wife should grab you by your tiny fading moustache and take you somewhere else. 30 years in government and billions of stolen money is not enough for you?

  2. Simple as that.
    But to some of us,it will be the beginning of insult of the president.
    Thank you Amama.

      1. Whatever that positivity is called, he has demonstrated maturity in handling of this issue and his composure has left everyone guessing on his next move which gives him an advantage. Look at fellow colleagues like Beti Kamya, Jaberi Bidandi, Nasser Sebagala, Gen David Sejjusa, Prof. Barya, etc. They all announced formation of new parties/entities like UFA, PPP, Liberal Party, UTAMU, hours after parting ways with their masters. This to me showed greed and immaturity on their part as if all their life depended on the jobs chased from.

        1. Mr. a man who has been SACKED had no other Choice, you wanted him to begin quarreling straight away, certainly NOT! He is now beginning to see what it means and we shall show him the last EXIT when he stands for the Highest Office! he ashamed himself, so He paid the piper, let him call the tune!!

          1. I like it when you write that “we shall show him the LAST exit when he stands for the highest office!”. My dear, africas democracy is not determined by “WE”. If that was the case, some of your friends like Mugabe, Bashir, Jose dos Santos and Mu-saba wouldnt be in office by now.

  3. Amama, you should have learnt a lesson early enough from the likes of Besigye, Sejusa and Bukenya who tried to oppose M7 and were kicked out just like you now. So, but you deserved it.

  4. Amama Mbabazi,your day has finally come.You will feel the suffering you have always caused to innocent people.Welcome to the world.

  5. Oh dear this big,however that position of PM is now more associated with fallen idols. I’m impressed by AM of his decence in taking this matters in grace. It is a good example and message don’t take things for granted. However,in my opinion I’ve got nothing memorable than controversies in his office except corrupt. Good retirement AM.

  6. Atleast one monster down i wish you old fools can all die because all you have done is destory our country ,Mambazi you should go to hell you monster ,i hope now you know how it feels to be oppressed and we pray to God that this can be the beginning of your suffering by your load M7.For 30years you have been a failure to the Ugandans and you monster you don`t have any shame of giving such a stupid speach i believe all Ugandans agree with me Mambazi no one needs you and i as a person i believe you belong to jail after using our tax payers` money to enrich yourself and your family.Museveni your day too is coming,you and your family plus all those old monster in NRM you will pay dearly for destorying our country.Ugandans lets join hand and make sure we get ride of those monsters.sign on my face book page if you believe in a better page is

  7. YES, Amana, you can join the Ordinary Ugandan life and test it too, we have complained to no help, Back to Kanungu mister (Meeting Point) is safe for your FM Station!

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