Bobi Wine Blasts Amama ‘Never Out Shine the Master‬’

Self proclaimed Ghetto President Bobi Wine has blasted the former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi that he dug his own grave by trying to out shine his master.


Through his official Facebook page, Bobi Wine praised the former premier for using and liking his 2008 hit song Mazzi Mawanvu.

“When I sang ‪‎Mazzi Mawanvu in 2008, Rt. Hon. Amama Mbabazi loved the song and tended to use it so much in his public speeches, I felt honored,” Read Bobi Wine’s post

He however said that Amama never took time to listen to some words in his latest song Akalimu

“Hon should have listened to this line in ‪ ‎Akalimu…….. ‪ ‎Totunula mu sowani ya boss wo (Never peep in your boss’ plate).”

Below is Bobi Wine’s Facebook Post


Former Health Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda is the new Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda.

11 thoughts on “Bobi Wine Blasts Amama ‘Never Out Shine the Master‬’

      1. Bobi you said in one of your songs nti awakula enume tewakula emu!! kati leaki owolokosa byo tamanyi gwe ki kyagulanyi ogila ebimwa

  1. MR. Bobi u need to know the difference btn business and politics .
    Your are right to say not to outshine ur boss in business but in politics the reverse is true . Mr Mbabazi was doing aright thing 4 his future ‘HE WAS NOT A SLEEPING DOG’.

  2. Now look at this guy!!!!Like really???I am still in search of the best word to describe some people.Bobi Wine,Kyagulanyi whatever you want to call yourself,I thought your better than this!!

  3. He he Bobi so you are doing the unbelievable by thinking that you above the former PM, you are not looking into your own plate, as your song states, by this the PM is higher than you and I guess you are looking into his plate….. Mind your music biz

  4. Mr Kyagulanyi or whatever you want to call yourself; it is that big mouth that got you into trouble when entry into U.K was denied last month. Before that fire goes out, you are busy lighting another. We are very much aware that most of the time, and perhaps when you make Facebook posts you are not sober, but kindly urge you to only write when you are sober. Besides, remember the saying; when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you do is to stop digging. Right now, as far as we are concerned, you are still in hole, but you are digging! What will you say when AM becomes the next CEO of Uganda?

  5. Bobi, do you smoke? if you do, your not normal leave politics to politicians Nigga you have nothing to do with this

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