Court Okays Gabula’s Coronation

Jinja High Court has this afternoon okayed the enthronement of William Gabula Nadiope as the Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom.

The acting Kyabazinga of Busoga, Prince Daudi Kaunhye Wakooli (2nR), declares Prince William Gabula IV (2ndL) (Monitor Photo)
Prince Daudi Kaunhye Wakooli (2nR), declares Prince William Gabula IV (2ndL) (Monitor Photo)

Prince Edward Columbus Wambuzi of Bulamogi chiefdom in Busoga had petitioned court seeking to block the coronation of William Nadiope Gabula IV set for Saturday, September 13 at Bugembe in Jinja district.

On August 23, the Busoga chief’s royal council sitting at the kingdom headquarters in Bugembe elected Gabula as the next King replacing Henry Wako Muloki, who died in September 2008.

The meeting comprised the former acting Kyabazinga Daudi Kaunhe Wakooli who declared Gabula as the king and asked the people in Busoga to support him.

However, Kaunhe made an abrupt U-turn and denounced the declaration of Gabula saying they were coerced by other chiefs do arrive at that decision.

It was against this background that Prince Wambuzi, a son of the late Kyabazinga Muloki, through his lawyers of Matovu and Matovu Company Advocates, accordingly rushed to court challenging Gabula’s election.

Nadiope William Gabula IV
Nadiope William Gabula IV

In his ruling, Jinja resident judge Godfrey Namondi argued that Prince Wambuzi’s application lacked enough evidence to disqualify Gabula’s election. The dismissal eases tension in the kingdom because almost everything is ready for the momentous ceremony at Bugembe, on Saturday.

Court ruled that the decisions of the royal chiefs were binding since they were dully signed by the ten chiefs including the former acting Kyabazinga.

The pronouncement plunged the fully packed court room into jubilation characterized by drumming, chanting, singing and boda boda rides through Jinja town.

Juma Munulo, the prince chief of Bunya was present in court and said truth had come to the limelight.

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