Evil Ugandan Girl, Birabwa Wanted Over Promoting Lesbian Acts

Police in Uganda is hunting for a one, Shamim Birabwa, a resident of Maganjo in Kawempe for promoting evil lesbian acts in the area.

This comes on the heels of having been caught red-handed in bed with another girl only identified as Dorah.

According to the information on our desk, Dorah who looked a bit older lured Birabwa into the illicit act.

The source who prefered anonymity intimated to us that the two were netted in an evil act by a Umeme official, who had come to distribute electricity bills.

Shocked by what he saw, he made an alarm which prompted neighbours to converge to see what had just happened.

The residents were also shocked, finding the two girls in bed undressed, just covering themselves with bedsheets in evening hours.

Our source added that the residents subjected the two girls to torture and humiliation of all kind, forcing them to publicly confess that they were making love.

But before even confessing, seeing Dorah as a bit older, residents suspected that she was the one who had forced Birabwa into the act.

According to our source, this made the residents concentrate on beating Dorah, giving Birabwa a chance to sneak out and ran for her safety.

No authority has been willing to tell us what happened to Dorah next after remaining in the arms of irate mob, but rumours have it that she could have been beaten to death.

According to Mr Philemon Ameru, the CID officer at Kawempe police station, Police have since mounted search on Birabwa such that she can face the wrath of the law.

“Birabwa is still on the ran despite our efforts to have her arrested and subjected to court to be dealt with accordingly. We are yet to know her whereabouts.” Mr Ameru said.

However, unconfirmed reports say that Birabwa fled the country to save her life and is suspected to be hiding in one of the European countries which can tolerate her evil deeds.

Our efforts to get a comment from the Director of Interpol Uganda, Mr Asan Kasingye on whether or not they are planning to follow her up, were futile as all his known numbers were not available by press time.

The law

The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014 (previously called the “Kill the Gays bill” in the western mainstream media due to death penalty clauses proposed in the original version) was passed by the Parliament of Uganda on 20 December 2013 with life in prison substituted for the death penalty.

The Penal Code outlaws any homosexual behaviour in the country known for its homophobia. Under the Penal Code, “carnal knowledge against the order of nature” between same-sex people carries a potential penalty of life imprisonment.

Besides the law, locals once they catch someone in the act if they are not rescued by the police in time, they (offenders) can be stoned to death.

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