Jackie Uwera Convicted of Murder

Jackie Uwera (L) has been convicted of murder
Jackie Uwera (L) has been convicted of murder

Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga has been convicted for the murder of her husband Juvinal Nsenga.

“Jackie Uwera Nsenga is found guilty and convicted as charged,” said Justice Duncan Gaswaga.

While giving his judgement, Justice Duncan Gaswaga said that Jacqueline Uwera tried to protect herself by saying that she is God fearing and born again christian yet she aimed at killing her husband.

The Judge further said that  the accused saw the car as the nearest weapon to manifest her intention of killing Nsenga.

Court was adjourned until tomorrow morning when the sentence will be read.

On January 10, 2013, Uwera returned home at around 9pm driving vehicle Reg. No. UAL 933M. However, when her late husband opened the gate, she instead accelerated her vehicle, rammed through the gate and knocked him.

The car then dragged him for a considerable distance along the concrete pavement.




22 thoughts on “Jackie Uwera Convicted of Murder

  1. A Coalfield technician must be included in Uwera’s case according to my
    experience an automatic cars is a simple car to learn and drive, but most of
    people don’t know the rules or they know but they forget using them while
    operating or driving them, to be honest Uwera’s case must be handled carefully
    because she may truly be innocent about her husband’s death, fine she knocked
    him while in her car, Technically she did not follow the rules although, she
    was driving for long period, but once you do a mistake in automatic car you
    should know that you either Knock a person or you coiled with something else


    1. Break fluid level
    2. Transmission fluid
    3. Steering fluid
    4. Tires when are tied properly or loose


    1. When you’re approaching to a parking briefly you
    should bear in your mind that you’re driving an automatic car’ that mean a self- controlled car.
    2. Make sure you engage parking during stop over any where


    1. Do not pull the handbrake while a car is in an automatic Drive gear when the engine is on,

    That one can cause an accidental automotive acceleration over power,. You will find it has accumulated an over driver power from the engine that you left on while in D” Drive gear by then when: instead of parking P”

    1. Complete no sense, how come she stopped at the gate to wait for someone to open the gate, than someone opens the gate and she drives knock the gate plus her husband. Come on you fool, this lady wanted riches. those women from that side of Uganda want money like devils

  2. Can the judge prove beyond reasonable doubt the Jack really intended to kill the husband. I fail to understand the connection between her claim to be a christian and his decision to convict her.

  3. Judge not lest you be twice judged so the saying goes. Whether she had intention or not we can not be certain but the most important thing for her now is to do some soul searching, for God has given her an opportunity to change just like he gives all of us sinners time and opportunity for change.

  4. Now that she’s been found guilty, I recommend that she gets incarcerated and the keys thrown away. No one has the right to take a life hence such people disgust me….. She had a good home, good family and a hardworking husband who had amassed so much wealth to afford a decent lifestyle that was the envy of so many people. What really do human beings want ??????

    1. He was dipping his spoon in random chicks’ gravy. That can be a problem sometimes even when one is leading a comfortable life. Dont get me wrong — I dont support her actions. I’m only pointing out a *potentially* relevant point that you leave out here.

      That said, that ass was worth a banging when the chick was still young. Nsenga is dead, but I am sure he enjoyed some really great goodies when things were still OK. Ate abange, tetuyogereko?

      I wonder if prison warders in Luzira are smooth enough to bang that ass. What I am sure of though is that anything is possible in Uganda. Some crafty prison warder has probably scored himself Uwera’s ass for the next 20 years or so. NOTE: ass does not exactly mean ass. Read between the lines please.

      1. Indeed prison warders must be busy ordering for over sized trousers , because she will cause a whopper stampede while in jail. She’ll even make Bad Black less popular in prison

    2. What about Desh Kananura who committed the same crime and yet is living in luxury? Why isn’t the state interested in that case?

      1. It has nothing to do with Desh,if the woman killed the late husband and desh is a brother and justice has proved it,dont run emotions with facts,thanks

    3. I too wonder equally aloud, looking at the kind of life the family lived, agreed, she should be locked away for life! Never joke with those Nyarus (no pan intended though)

  5. Fad you are so disgusting en i wonder how many women from that side of the country you have met who have shown interest in your money if at all you have any. And Mr Kasolo, there are so many other factors that build up a good marriage other than wealth and above these there is love,so if at all Uwera committed this crime it was based on another factor but not wealth since she already had a decent life.

  6. Guilty! All evidence pointed to this monster of a woman. She is a murderer and so she should die by the noose. She is such a heartless animal for killing a person who loved her that much to choose her from the rest and take her for a wife not knowing that she was marrying someone who will one day take his life. She is a disgrace to the mothers of this world.

  7. Did she truly have no motive, people? who doth know?

    Perhaps she mistake acceleration for brake. It can be shown tens-of-thousands of times this has happened before, every single day. It is not uncommon. And what car was this? I will uncover statistics to show you. So tell me.

    1. Try and follow the story from start and court proceedings, they reveal all plus their Maid’s tell-tell to Police!!

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