The Photos You Missed At Blankets & Wine

It was a fun filled episode of Blankets and Wine that was held at Uganda Museum grounds on Sunday September 14.

These thighs left so many dude panting

Cooperate elites from all walks of life enjoyed the aphrodisiac folk musing that created a cool environment for beer and wine takers.

These babes came ready to mingle

The event almost came to a standstill when this babe appeared at Uganda Museum

Where are the dudes to buy us wine? these babes looked ready to down several bottles of wine

Revelers also said that their dancing skills were engineered by Tusker Malt lager that was available in plenty and at cheap prices.

The Seventh edition of Blankets and Wine Kampala was proudly sponsored by Tusker Malt Lager.

I hope my dude is here we need to enjoy the music as we drink

Jazz Maestro, Brian Mugyenyi, hip-hop star Ruyonga and Just a Band from Kenya.

These babes seem to be plotting on how to down the bottles of wine

The power of a drink has started to emerge

Haaa.... all these dudes look nice!! oba i go for who???

Lets Just Keep here these dudes will come for us

the Thighs were on display to make guy's pants riot

Lets do it again!!! the dance and the drinks

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