Kenyan Rapper Hires Presidential Car For His Music Distribution

Kenyan rapper Nasty Bull shocked revelers in Nakuru when he rolled into the streets in a ceremonial land rover often used by the president.


People close to Nasty say the rapper is alleged to have coughed about Ksh 40,000 to use the land rover for an hour on Saturday night.

The rapper had attended the Prinsloo rugby 7s tournament held in Nakuru over the weekend where he had gone to promote his new single “Ndoto Hizi”. The video premiered on TV last week. The vehicle is allegedly owned by a military base in Nakuru and had been used by prominent leaders during ceremonies in Nairobi and also Nakuru.

Nasty and his entourage spilled into the city centre at night riding in the land rover flanked by about 50 boda boda riders. We have established that the rapper had paid each rider Ksh 500 to accompany him through the streets for an hour.


The People’s Daily had last week reported that the rapper said to be wealthy had denied claims that he had come to dislodge a popular rapper also known for his flamboyant lifestyle.

Nasty reiterated that saying he was just doing what any artist would do to build their brand.

“No i am not trying to compete with any rapper What i did in Nakuru is no big deal, i was just marketing myself, the only difference is that i used an unconventional marketing strategy ,”he said.

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