MPs Blame Youth Unemployment On ‘Experience’ Requirement

Ngora County Member of Parliament Francis Epetait has criticized the minimum experience requirement by Organizations and Institutions in the Country especially for youth to apply for jobs.  

he Uganda Bureau of Statistics Youth Employment 2011/12 report indicates that one in every three youths in Uganda is unemployed.
he Uganda Bureau of Statistics Youth Employment 2011/12 report indicates that one in every three youths in Uganda is unemployed.

Epetait says this requirement from most of the organizations has partly led to the increased rate of unemployment among the youth in the country. He says most youth who are seeking employment have never had a single job to gain experience.

This was during a debate commemorating the International Democracy Day. Western Youth MP Gerald Karuhanga moved a motion for a resolution of Parliament to observe the International Day of Democracy held every 15th day of September.

The motion was seconded by Samia-Bugwe North MP John Mulimba. The day has been celebrated every year since 2008 by Members Parliament of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

This year’s theme is “Engaging Youth on Democracy: highlighting the challenges and opportunities of Young people engaging in democratic process.”In the motion, Karuhanga pushed for Government to engage the youth in the democratic development of their nation. Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi put government on spot on the increasing unemployment among the youth arguing that without opportunities for youth in the country there is no democracy.

He also alleged that there seems to be no democracy in the ruling NRM party saying that it blocks its members who wish to vie for the top most office of the country which he said has to be done away with to encourage youth involvement in the country’s democratic process.Arua District Woman MP Christine Abia tasked government leaders to detach money from politics questioning how a country can have democracy with the increasing involvement of money in politics.

Abia proposed that Political parties in the country develop concept notes on young people’s involvement in democracy in Uganda and that government should have a deliberate investment strategy in young people.Opposition Chief Whip Cecilia Ogwal noted that there should be no problem for one to cross from one party to another or one to express interest in a certain office in the country. Politics, she said, must be seen to be vibrant when there is open competition.

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi noted that it is important to have such a day in order to promote and uphold the principles of democracy. He noted that the Kyankwanzi Resolutions, in which NRM party MPs supported President Yoweri Museveni’s sole party candidature, were expressions of opinions in the meeting.

On youth, Mbabazi advised them to occupy a central position in the shaping of the future of the country saying that they have a generational duty to do everything possible to make Uganda a better country.

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