NRM Primary Aspirants to Pay Millions in Nomination Fees

Persons wishing to participate in the NRM primaries will now be subjected to nomination fees, as a new avenue for generating resources for party activities.

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A Presidential Aspirant will now be required to pay Ugx 20 Million, aspirants for the parliamentary seats will pay Ugx 3million, and Ugx 5 Million will be paid by aspirants for district seats while Councilors will pay Ugx 50,000 upon being nominated as potential candidates.

The charges were adopted at a sitting of the NRM caucus in Entebbe yesterday.

The decision was based on a recommendation by a committee set up to investigate the chaos and controversies that marred the 2010 NRM primaries. The committee chaired by Wakiso Woman MP Rosemary Sseninde recommended that all aspirants pay a given fee to facilitate elections.

NRM Caucus Spokes Person Evelyn Anite said that the money will be used to build a strong foundation and financial base for subsequent party activities.

“We didn’t have it, it is just being re-introduced because we want to build our party and make the elections more effective”, Anite said.

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