PICTURES: Nasser Rd Business Stops As Traders Protest Over Power Outages

Downtown Kampala was briefly a flashpoint for protests against Umeme loadshedding that has seen many printing businesses along Nasser and Nkrumah road idle for days due to the power cuts.

The business community is demanding for constant power supply .Umeme recently reintroduced the 24 hour load shedding programme that has affected the Central Business District in Kampala.

Traders operating on Nasser and Nkrumah roads in downtown Kampala have blocked both roads in protest of the Umeme 24-hour power load shedding that has left them counting heavy losses.

Traders have blocked the roads standing in there with placards prompting police to fire  and tear gas to disperse the protestors. The protestors also hurled stones at the officers thus engaging them in running battles. Police now patrolling the street.

All pictures by Brighton Makaara






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