Roger Mugisha, Hady Ssengo feud Escalates

Not so long ago, we reported how celebrated radio personality and defunct Shadows Angels boss Roger Mugisha was involved in a bitter feud with a city actress Hady Ssengo real name Hadijja Ssengoba.

Hady Sengo
Hady Sengo

The two were trading insults on social media with each claiming to have dumped the other after their brief affair a few years back. In fact, Hady accused Roger of leaking her nude pictures that circulate don social media although he vehemently denied the allegations.

Roger claims that Hady is attacking his current fiancé Shibah Richards Nasali out of revenge.

Snoops have learnt that the feud between the two is not likely to end any time soon.

Roger Mugisha
Roger Mugisha

It is said that Roger recently called loud mouthed Mary Luswata and tasked her to tell Hady that he does not date women who bleach, practice witch craft and have no class. “Is that Hady?

I have been sent by Roger Mugisha to inform you that he doesn’t date women who bleach, who practice witchcraft and have no class. Please leave him alone, he is getting married to Sheebah…” Luswata said on her show Scoop on Scoop.

Although Roger denies ever dating Hady, the Ebonies actress insists that the two were good friend and even dated but split after the D’Mighty Breakfast presenter refused to have a blood test.

This is believed to have been the cause of the pair’s fall out.

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  1. Hady really looks “expired” past Menopause actually, may be the reason she bleaches her self!!

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