Testing Your ‘Ugandanness’

Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL), through its flagship brand Bell Lager, today put multitudes of Ugandans to the “Bell Nation test” to prove that they deliberately choose to roll with what life throws at them and smile through every moment regardless, a key character that embodies the true Ugandan attitude to life.


Branded, “The Bell Nation test”, the challenge took the shape of the “Strange Taxi” and “Fuel Top Up.” During the Strange Taxi, Bell put a spin to public transport in Kampala when it hired taxis (matatus) manned by conductors dressed as gorillas, to provide free public transport to commuters.

Each taxi had “gorillas” playing the role of what would have otherwise been an ordinary driver and conductor. Whoever made the decision to use the services of taxis manned by gorillas, and smiled through the bizarre situation, passed the Bell Nation test. For this, they had their taxi fare paid for and took home exclusive brand memorabilia.

At selected fuel stations in Kampala, Bell Lager carried out the Fuel Top Up test. Motorists were subject to a test where the fuel pump attendant “accidentally” put more fuel than the motorist had ordered for. Like in the previous test, unsuspecting motorists who smiled through what would have been an ordinarily frustrating occurrence passed the Bell Nation test and won free fuel. This trended on twitter under the hashtags ‪#‎PassTheBellTest and ‪#‎BellNation.


At a press briefing to launch the new brand positioning today, Mr Nyimpini Mabunda, the managing director UBL, congratulated everyone who passed the Bell Nation test.

“You embodied the true Ugandan spirit by making a conscious choice to be defined by the joy found in every moment versus the tough reality you may be living through,” Mabunda said.


Uganda, like the Bell Nation, is a place with people like none from anywhere else.

Ugandans are a people who, in spite of their tough history through the decades and daily personal struggles, make a deliberate decision to smile through it all.

“Ugandans have an attitude towards life that has endeared us to the world and helped make each day worth living, regardless of what may come our way,” he said.


As he introduced the new brand communication campaign, Mr Mabunda said it was under this premise that Bell Lager had repositioned itself to celebrate this uniquely Ugandan attitude.

“As the original Ugandan beer brewed at the shores of Lake Victoria, Bell lager embodies this Ugandan mindset.”

Bell Lager is Uganda Breweries Limited’s flagship beer and the market leader in premium lager in Uganda. The quality beer has been brewed since 1950 is named after Port Bell Pier, where the Uganda Breweries Brewery is located.


Consumers, he added, choose to drink Bell over other brands because it’s a high quality brand which is carefully brewed and packaged for our customers.

Over the last couple of years, UBL has invested over 14 million pounds (Shs57 billion) in its production process and facilities, to deliver the best quality beer in this market and are now enjoying the benefits of our investments.

Ms Grace Nshemeire-Gwaku, the marketing director UBL, noted that, today’s Bell Nation test was a real testimony of the true Ugandans.

“On one hand there are all the strains and struggles that exist within Ugandans lives and as a nation we have had a tough history and yet Ugandans response to all this is that we choose to live deliberately in the moment to make the most of everything and be joyful. That choice is something that is truly defining and unique about Ugandans,” she said.

“When you choose to roll with whatever life throws at you and smile through the situation regardless, then you are part of the Bell Nation,” she added.

Bell also unveiled its new 330ml can bringing the number of cans in its portfolio to two.

In 2012, Bell was the first and is still stands as the only Ugandan beer brand packaged in a can format. The 330ml can, 500ml can and 500ml bottle are readily available in outlets across the country. This has been introduced to respond to consumer trends and needs to access new occasions and satisfy the need for convenience. Bell lager is also the lead sponsor for the upcoming KCCA festival, East Africa’s biggest celebration.

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