UBOS: Census Bogged Down by Hostile Respondents

The national population census exercise is being bogged down by errant respondents, Godfrey Nabongo, the communications manager Uganda Bureau of Statistics has revealed. Nabongo, some of the respondents assault the enumerators while others unleash on them dogs.

He disclosed while addressing the media at Statistics House on the ongoing national population census, which entered day five today.

According to Nabongo, some of the respondents are drawing guns at the enumerators. He explains that in some places, like in Bunyoro sub region, some of the residents refused to be counted out of the belief that  whenever people are counted they die.

He says it is pointless for people to start attacking people who are going about their duty of counting people. Nabongo says security organs have been tipped to arrest those who are hostile to enumerators.

He however, said the  enumerators were trained to face such challenges
of hostile communities and implored not to give up.

Nabongo says also  continue to sensitise cult members especially those who just refuse to be enumerated and go ahead to mobilize other people to shun the exercise.

He says the bureau will deploy more 300 new enumerators to handle an unanticipated population.  He revealed that in some communities, the population has been more than it was anticipated during the pilot study.

He said 300 have been on standby and are due for deployment on Tuesday. Some of the areas whose population keeps swelling include landing sites and Kampala, because of the influx of several people.

He said the bureau has been forced to divide areas so as to have people counted. He dismissed claims UPDF had taken over the census exercise saying that the army was called in to secure enumerators in volatile areas like Arua – Yumbe. He revealed UPDF has been chosen to help in enumerating Institutions and the floating population.

On the accuracy of the data being collected Nabongo said that UBOS had tightened supervision to ensure quality data collection. He said by the end of Monday at least 18 Million people will have been counted.

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