Uganda Cranes Coach Micho Escapes Arrest In Ghana

Coach Milutin Sredojevic was lucky not to be arrested in Ghana
Coach Milutin Sredojevic was lucky not to be arrested in Ghana

Coach of the Ugandan national team, Milutin Sredojevic escaped arrest on arrival at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra, on Thursday night following a verbal assault on a flight attendant.

The Serbian who led the Cranes for their 1-1 draw against Ghana in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in Kumasi yesterday almost landed in trouble after allegedly hauling insult at an Air Cote D’Ivoire flight attendant who insisted on carrying out her duties.

A senior supervisor at Air D’Ivoire told GNA Sports that “The Ugandan team joined our flight from Abidjan to Accra. As our flight regulations demand, disembarking passengers are supposed to show their boarding pass to the crew before leaving the aircraft.

“As one of our staff tried to carry out the process, some of the members of the team resisted and in an attempt to explain it was procedural, the coach became agitated and began attacking the crew member verbally with unprintable words.

“Such was his rage that the disturbances attracted the pilot who also joined in explaining matters to the coach and his team. Things escalated as the coach appeared more infuriated by the pilot’s effort.

“For over ten minutes, he took us to the cleaners and we were compelled to call in the airport security to arrest the coach but a few people around pleaded for him and we had to let him go eventually.”

FUFA is yet to come out with an official statement on the matter

7 thoughts on “Uganda Cranes Coach Micho Escapes Arrest In Ghana

  1. At least those Ivory coasts flight attendants are reasonable, come to or go to Entebbe Airport especially the male, haaa they are as if woriking for their fathers Business. my brother watched a Somali guy being arrested for nothing on Entebbe Airport. The smallest Airport but still the most corrupt

    1. Why would they want to see his boarding pass when disembarking from the plane? I dont get this.

      All these checks are done before one gets onto the plane. Asking for a boarding pass while one leaves the plane indicates that perhaps the person boarded the plane mid-air and through the window !

      Talk of inefficient systems in Africa ! So this checking process is done at two points, adding time to the clearance process, and also increasing the attendant’s workload.

      1. What i wanted to enlight you on is how at Entebbe Airport it is done, discriminatingly. One can be asked a boading pass in case need arise.

          1. Since i was not there i can only hear from one side but i wonder what they would talk for themselves. It was their duty in that Moment, could be i would love to hear the attendants view, our News is not always reliable, biased ´most of the time

  2. No why ask for a boarding pass while exiting the plane then it should be called another name otherwise it had already served its purpose!!!

  3. Unless the Ghananians give a sound reason why they ask for boarding passes on disembarking the plane, it simply makes no sense. If I was asked for a boarding pass on disembarking a plane, I would simply ask the attendant ‘how did I get into the plane in the first place?’
    By the way, a lot is done to disorganise opposing sports teams including poor hotel facility offers, poor transport etc. So one needs to read between the lines when they ask for something unusual with the aim of disorienting you. But well done the Cranes.

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