UTL Bosses Clash With Employees, Directors Blamed For The company’s Financial Mess

Rumour doing rounds is that there is tension at Uganda telecom (UTL) between employees and their Pakistan bosses including the Managing Director (MD) Ali Amir, Director Marketing (formerly Finance Director) Arif Ameer and the Director Finance Altaf Shahid Anjum.


Insiders claim that the trio is at the helm of what has been described as criminal activities eating up the now limping telecom operator.

According to sources, the Pakistan bosses are being accused of causing financial loss among other things to the company.

Amir, who has been at the company for close to four years is said to have turned the company into a family business.

It is said that the MD has made it a habit to employee his relatives in top management positions like Ameer, the Marketing Director who is his cousin and Shahid who is his nephew.

It has also emerged that on top of mistreating native employees, the bosses are responsible for deducting NSSF contributions from employees

but the funds, now in billions have not been remitted to NSSF for a period that spans to more than three years.

According to sources, the trio is also suspected of channeling the funds for personal use abroad.

“The bosses have not paid pension funds belonging to the defunct Uganda Posts and Telecommunications Corporation” reveals an insider who preferred anonymity.

The MD is also accused of hiring unqualified relatives who earn millions of shillings every month at the expense of qualified Ugandans.

“Those who complain are reminded that UTL is a private company and that they can do whatever they want on top of threatening to fire them” intimates the source.

6 thoughts on “UTL Bosses Clash With Employees, Directors Blamed For The company’s Financial Mess

  1. This is good…. Ugandans deserve this. They have allowed this to happen. Uganda telecom needs a finance, marketing director from abroad cause of course we do not have the right qualifications.

  2. can somebody please ask mr simon kasyte to vontact me,this applies to mr alex masereka.thank you sodha regards

  3. Not surprising, Ugandans are really naïve, guess it is down to vacuum of patriotism as everyone for oneself. Unfortunately you can easily be misconstrued for frustrating investors, work permit and recruitment policies of non-citizens at such levels needs overhaul or streamlining. Just move around guys are earning big doing things that even ordinary Ugandans with basic qualifications can do. When it comes to recruiting natives some are known for that the world over and they do it with impunity if you don’t police it.

    1. David, you forgot to put the word investors in quotes. Now Ugandans see any light skinned guy as an investor. Ugandans will be taken for a ride untill the only thing they own in Uganda is the national flag – a piece of cloth with stripes.

      1. this pathetic.why because it is ”softness and nature” of ugandans just can not figure out why people wants to do dirty tricks to make themselves better off.it is all fault of goverment., if somebody is breaking rules in uganda ”just deport” them…………………..let ugandans africans look after affairs of uganda…………..surely corruption be laid aside…………………

  4. This is not a surprise at all. Who knows if some government officials are part of this mess.

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