Adebayor, Judith Heard Romance Rumour Takes New Twist

This is so surprising to many city glamour girls who are yearning for a chance to access Adebayor’s hotel room.


Judith Heard has revealed that she never slept with the Togolese international and Ex Galactico Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor.

According to our highly placed sources, Judith heard disclosed that she did not get the chance of laying the Tottenham Hotspur striker.

“We just had a usual chat and nothing much happened,” Judith told the source.

“It’s not easy to have those guys, they have restrictions.”

On Friday morning, it is believed that the now faded city socialite Judith Heard positioned herself very well and accessed Adebayor’s room where she spent over three hours.

4 thoughts on “Adebayor, Judith Heard Romance Rumour Takes New Twist

  1. These Ugandan celebrity masquerades are so cheap…….They derive so much joy from sleeping around. Now this “Nalongo” w’d rather drag the prestige that comes with the Nalongo title in the mud by jumping in bed with a complete stranger just to stay in the lime light. Cheap, cheap, cheapest !

  2. hmmm those legs she could do with some milk hope all is well; Is that stakeout I see somebody looking like bro Peter

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