Anne Kansiime To Crack Tswana Ribs

Africa’s reigning queen of comedy Anne Kansiime Ojok is set to crack the ribs of Botswana people come November 28 and 29, 2014.


Our highly placed sources in Botswana have revealed that that Soulfood Comedy settled on bringing Anne to Botswana because she is a super power when it comes to comedy.

“Kansiime Anne is an international award-winning comedian and has survived and stood out in a male dominated field of comedy.  That alone speaks volumes about who she is and what she does,” said Karabo Musa, the Soulfood Comedy events promoter.

Through bringing Anne to Botswana, Musa pointed out that they hope Batswana will get to see and appreciate that comedy can be a way of life that one survives through.

She added that Botswana has not yet reached the stage where they can export comedy as a means that can bring money into the country.

Musa said that they have split the show into two and that Batswana will see Kansiime performance the first night as an open show and the second night, a corporate affair.  The corporate event is set to take place at Thapong Visual Arts Centre.


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  1. I simply love Anne! Currently I watch her comedy on line but I must watch her show live next time I am in Uganda and enjoy it from the front row.

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