Amama Urges Youth To Demand To Be Leaders Of Today And Not Tomorrow

Just hours after he had received a thunderous welcome at Namboole Stadium by Uganda Cranes fans, ex-Premier Amama Mbabazi told members of students association that there is nothing wrong with being ambitious.

Amama Mbabazi was prbably sacked for being over ambitious
Amama Mbabazi was prbably sacked for being over ambitious

Mbabazi received a rapturous welcome when he turned up at the Marathon Uganda National Students Association (UNSA) on Sunday morning after the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura who was expected as chief guest failed to honour the invite.

Mbabazi told the youth that there is nothing wrong with the youth having ambitions as leaders because it is an inherent right.

Mbabazi leads the UNSA Marathon in Kololo yesterday
Mbabazi leads the UNSA Marathon in Kololo yesterday

In his speech, Mbabazi who three days before his sacking had flagged off a UNSA delegation to Rwanda, urged the youth to develop self-esteem and demand to be leaders of today and not tomorrow.

“You should be ambitious for leadership and the more ambitious young people we have the better,” said Mbabazi insisting he was still part of government “because I’m SG NRM which is the ruling party.” Organizers raised Shs5m which Mbabazi, who has always generously funded UNSA, topped up with Shs5m.

Details have emerged regarding secrets behind revelation. Mbabazi was the chief runner and chief guest athe event organized to raise funds for poor schools namely Pokot SS in Karamoja (Amudat) and Panyimur in Nebbi West Nile.

Theme was “Run for Karamoja & West Nile.” We have established UNSA leaders namely Matanda Emmanuel Ekima and James Batabare have since July been strategically organizing this event. In his speech after the Marathon, Matanda thanked Mbabazi:  “for receiving us with open hands when all other government officials turned their backs on us.”

In fact there was stampede when Mbabazi arrived and cheering students surrounded his ear, competing to take photos with him.

Additional reporting by Bob Atwine

5 thoughts on “Amama Urges Youth To Demand To Be Leaders Of Today And Not Tomorrow

  1. While Hon. Mbabazi told youths that there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, he forgot to caution them that that statement only works if all other factors remain constant. Sometimes showing signs of ambition, c’d lead to your downfall. Mbabazi personally is a living example to this effect

  2. JPAM, if you are not allowed to have ambition why do you think these youngsters will be allowed to have it. Oh… sorry it will be you in the seat so you won’t act like your former master! Goodluck 2016. WE ARE WITH YOU!

  3. Uganda has no viable presidential material currently. Museveni is an expired commodity, and Mbabazi is not better either, if not worst. The opposition has no one either. Frankly, speaking, there is a power vacuum in Uganda right now which is temporary being filled by Museveni. Things could get worst before it gets better after Museveni. Whenever, there is a power vacuum, any individual or group can move in any impose it wills on the people.

  4. Old men start wars and the young ones fight and finish them. Good to see Amama stay home and fight within.

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