DP Unleashes 2016 Power Capture Strategy

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao
Democratic Party President Norbert Mao

Democratic Party (DP) members have attacked fellow members who are working towards bringing the party to surface.

The on Sunday meeting that was massively attended was organized by Kira DP members as they celebrated the party’s 60 years of existence. The function that was accompanied by merrymaking  was graced by the party president, Nobert Mao, Wakiso district boss, Matia Lwanga Bwanika, legislator Lulume Bayiga, Mamerito’s seat main challenger-Julius Mutebi among others.

In this meeting, the message from all the speakers was uniform-attacking members that want to destroy the roots of DP. Mao said, “Everything has norms. I will stand firm by the norms and rules of DP.  Any one following DP constitution has is at home. However those who think that they are bigger than DP are the root cause of evil” he added, “For the four years I have been a DP president, I have tried to approach every one including those that never supported me.

You remember well that Lulume Bayiga, Betty Nabooze did not come to Mbale but who most searched votes for Betty Nambooze. Even if you do not like Mao, why don’t you follow DP norms?” Mao promised to all it takes to unite all DP members.

Some of the said rebel DP members that do not see eye to eye with Mao include Nambooze, lord mayor Erias Lukwago among others.

Mutebi also called for unity in the party as this will be the only way to defeat their political enemies and emphasized DP oneness where by members will have to willingly step down and leave the race for fellow member so as not to divide votes.

CBS’s Kato Lubwama had no kind words for every one who calls himself a DP member without following the rules and regulations. Other issues that were agreed upon include all members that intent to stand on DP ticket to express their interest by registering their names with the respective party secretary officials at various levels after which ascrutiny will be made by a team of experienced DP bigwigs.

Members were heavily cautioned against standing as independents. Mao was also cautioned by members against blind entering into coalitions that end up subsiding their party.

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  1. I wonder if there is any stretagy to capture power through the ballot.Uganda brand of multipartyism is there to legitimise M7’s dictatorship.

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