ED Musisi’s Camp Attacks Tamale Mirundi

MUSISIKampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) boss, Jennifer Musisi’ camp led by Kampala chairpersons’ head, Bob Mpiima yesterday attacked and warned the motor-mouth presidential spokesperson and media consultant, Tamale Mirundi to be careful with his words or else be dealt with.

This was during Musisi’s meeting with Owino (St. Balikuddembe) market vendors at City hall. Mpiima, who had led the vendors’ delegation to Musisi vowed to crush Mirundi in a manner he did not disclose so that he backs off Musisi. “I am warning Mirundi for the last time to stop ill speaking about Musisi. If he does not have what to speak for the president let him keep quiet. Instead of doing and talking constructive things he spends most of his valuable time on radio abusing Musisi who never even responds back.” Amid this warning, Musisi smiled around. In response to Mpiima’s warning to Mirundi, Musisi, who seemed unbothered by Mirundi’s utterances, said that, “I also hear him speaking about me but that cannot stop me from doing what I am supposed to do and I will always do what I am supposed to do as long as it is within the law”

Mirundi has on many occasions openely attacke Musisi on various radio stations. Mirundi says that Musisi has gravely ruined National Resistance Movement’s support in Kampala because of her inhuman policies that have left many lamenting. Cases he normally sights include the way Musisi handled the vendprs issue, the taxi matter, the railway project. Mirundi is also a close ally to Rubaga NRM youth leader, Abdallah Kitatta-one of Musisi worst allies after faulting the motorcycle revamping exercise. Musisi and Mirundi have also diverged because of Owino market issue since he is pro Godfrey Kayongo (Owino market boss). Mpiima said that in all his radio programs, Mirundi is never shy with using abusive words.

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  1. It is a choronic disease among NRM party that they fight whenever there is a disagreement. It is a shame when some go public as far as threatening each other. Jennifer is doing well but does not mean she does not have weakness. Last week she announced loss of 25bn shs to be written off YET wanted $150m to construct flyovers in Kampala.

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