Esther Pulls Sexy Dance Strokes For Biggie In The Diary Room

Uganda’s representative in the BBA hotshots Esther Akankwatsa yesterday pulled rare sexy dance strokes that left Biggie yearning for more.

Esther dances

While in the diary room, Esther offered Biggie a little dance in the baggy pants she wore which she loved. Biggie welcomed the sexy dance strokes.

Esther thoroughly enjoyed her diary session with Biggie as she let out some secrets of her own along with her suspicions over the relations of some of the housemates.

Esther revealed to Biggie the representatives that have coupled up in the house.

She talked about Nhlanhla and Sheillah saying that nothing much had happened between them to confirm their relationship but that there was clearly something going on.

She also told Biggie about her suspicions about something brewing between Laveda and Permithias and that she also felt there was something between Permithias and Sabina.

She also said that Permithias had said he liked light-skinned girls and assumed that things were likely to develop between Permithias and Sabina but didn’t mind who the singer got on with because she liked both girls.

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