I don’t Know Chameleone – WizKid, Pallaso’s Temper Flares

WizKid reportedly said that in the whole Pearl of Africa, he knew only and only Goodlyfe duo, Mozwey Radio and Weasel TV, something that did not go down well with Weasel’s brothers; Chameleone and Pallaso.

Chaneleone and WizKid meet for the first time
Chaneleone and WizKid meet for the first time

Singing brothers Joseph Mayanja well known as Jose Chameleone and Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso have lost their cool and attacked the Nigerian starboy, WizKid over unpalatable remarks.

“You are in Uganda and you are gonna respect the works of our hands,” Pallaso charged.

“In Uganda and Africa, Chameleone is a household name and you saying you don’t know him makes you look dumb,” pursued the enraged younger brother.

Pallaso made it clear that he didn’t care who WizKid thinks he was but “here, we build our careers off the ground with no record label support so when here please recognize the constructors of our industry that have laid a foundation that today lays a red carpet for you”.


He requested companies that do business in Ugandan to respect local artists, saying it was evil to be belittled by the arrival of foreign artists are doing evil.

“First of all some of these companies did not even show any love to the industry at its struggling stages but now that the ball is rolling you wanna jump on the bandwagon and break apart… an industry that doesn’t even have a drip of your sweat,” continued Pallaso.

“Never stand for a hypocrite or anybody that won’t stand behind you! Tonight, I stood for my country the industry and every artist that hates being belittled by foreign artists and simple minds didn’t see the big picture.”

In his own heated reaction, Chameleone said that everyone has mistakes but “I am sure my talent and Music is where I belong!”

“That’s the reason why I have managed to live and represent my people to the best: it’s simply talent and creativity. Works not words,” Chameleone clarified.

He added: “I have never uttered any of my competitors- my comrades in this game, with disrespect. So? Please use your space to advertise yourself and works because I don’t have time for jokers anymore.”

Chameleone observed that the biggest struggle now is achieving as good as one deserves.

“What is mine will always be and so is you.”


3 thoughts on “I don’t Know Chameleone – WizKid, Pallaso’s Temper Flares

  1. He is lying. I live in Europe and own a Lounge/Mini night club. Every Nigerian patron knows Chameleon and they really respect him and like his music.
    Actually Chameleon is held at higher esteem than chameleon himself.

  2. I think Wizkid should do more of a research about Ugandan music history or else whatever he is talking off does not match the history of Uganda music chameleon is well known in Uganda, East Africa and the whole world for his great music talent.

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