Parliament Orders Forensic Audit Into Immigration Directorate

Parliament has ordered for a forensic audit into the Directorate of citizenship and Immigration control over dysfunctional financial systems.

Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso.
Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso.

Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chaired by Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso failed to get convincing explanations from the directorate’s accounting officer Godfrey Sassaga over numerous audit queries for financial year 2012/2013. Sassaga failed to adduce documentary evidence on how he spent seven billion shillings received as Non Tax revenue (NTR).

The accounting officer told parliament that he couldn’t provide the documents indicating the expenditure because at the time of audit, the documents had been surrendered to an internal Ad hoc probe at their parent ministry of internal Affairs.

However, Jinja East MP Paul Mwiru challenged Sassaga to produce evidence indicating the withdrawal of documents from the probe team.

Sassaga explained that since he was also part of the people being probed by an internal committee, they didn’t get time to submit the receipts because they didn’t have them.

Prior to the committee resolution, members clashed with Alaso after he had instructed auditors to look at the books as presented by Sassaga.

There was stalemate for over 30 minutes as majority of the committee members disagreed with Alaso over the treatment she was giving witnesses from Immigration department.

With the standoff, the committee temporarily withdrew into an internal meeting so as to harmonise their decision. As soon as the consultative meeting ended, the committee chairperson announced that there was need to have a forensic audit done in the sector.

The committee also faulted Sassaga for asking for 19 billion shillings on the national Identity card Project in 2010 but only ended up using two billion shillings.

Sassaga, however, explained that he failed to implement the national Identity card project because of different directives he received from cabinet. He said although the contracted company, Maulber, brought the equipment, government didn’t meet its part of the agreement.

He said that under the contract government was supposed to provide operational funds and personalization centre but the project stalled.

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