Sejusa Father’s Burial For Thursday

Our sources can confirm, Mzee Simon Peter Rwajojo, the father of exiled former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza, who passed away on Sunday morning will be laid to rest this Thursday.

Mzee Rwajojo (L) will be laid to rest this Thursday.
Mzee Rwajojo (L) will be laid to rest this Thursday.


It’s not yet known whether Gen Sejusa will come from exile in London for the burial at Bweyale village, in Lugusuulu Sub-county, Ssembabule District.

Rwajojo succumbed to heart complications at Mulago Referral Hospital and had undergone a brain CT-Scan according to Uganda Heart Institute’s spokesperson Chris Kwesiga.

Mzee regretted the fact that his son couldn’t be by his hospital bed side when he needed him the most because of the political ‘environment’ in the country.

This is the second death in Sejusa’s family in less than a year father his brother Dan Mutungi allegedly commited suicide by throwing himself in a pond at his father’s farm in Ssembabule District.

Sejusa flew into exile after  he demanded an investigation into an assassination plot linked to President Yoweri Museveni’s alleged succession plan and he recently said he did not return to Uganda after his life was threatened.

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