Uganda’s Tchoukball Team Ill-prepared for World Championships

Uganda under 18 Tchoukball team is ill-prepared ahead of the world youth championships scheduled for April 2015 in Dubai.
Tcho ball
Elly Ngobi, Uganda’s under 18 Tchoukball team coach, says only three players are available for selection out of 12.

Since its introduction in Uganda in 2012, Tchoukball has become popular in Jinja and is spreading out to other districts of Uganda, with players from higher institutions of learning like Nile Vocation Institute, Kampala University – Jinja campus and Makerere University picking interest in the game.

Shakira Najjuuko, one of the under 18 team players, says Tchoukball will become popular as more competitions come up for the Ugandan teams to compete at World, continental and regional levels.

Tchoukball is played with two rebound frames measuring 90 square centimetres located at both ends of the court. A line runs three metres from the centre of the bottom of the frame around a semi – circle. This area is called the D, which is the forbidden zone. The court size varies depending on the ages of players, but a full size standard court measures 40m by 20m in size.

Unlike most common team games, you can score at both ends of the court. There are 10 players in each team, including three substitutes. Players fall into three categories of wingers, forward pivots and centre pivots. To score a point the ball must be thrown at the end so that it lands over the line of the D.

Paul Balidawa, Jinja district vice chairperson, who is a fan of Tchoukball, says the game once promoted will benefit many people in Uganda.

Coach Ngobi says the game of Tchoukball is yet to be introduced to secondary and primary schools in order to have all team categories competing at the world level. This makes the Ugandan under 18 team ill prepared with players who will learn the game to compete at a world championship in less than six months.

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