DP Leaders Back Mpuuga Ahead of 2016 Polls

Disgruntled Democratic Party leaders in Masaka have joined their former rival Mathias Mpuuga, ahead of the 2016 general elections.

Vocal Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga
Vocal Masaka Municipality MP Mathias Mpuuga

In 2011, the DP leaders campaigned for John Kawanga, the former Masaka Municipality MP after he was handpicked by Democratic Party.

The decision by DP officials to declare Kawanga unopposed divided DP supporters prompting Mpuuga and Pater Mutesasira to contest as independents. Mpuuga went ahead to defeat Kawanga in an election that was marred by a smear campaign and clashes.

Several DP leaders loyal to Kawanga have been at loggerheads with Mpuuga. Last month, some of the leaders led by Dick Lukyamuzi announced their plans to support Herman Ssentongo, the Kamuli RDC who has already launched campaigns to unseat Mpuuga.

However, about 60 disgruntled DP leaders have now decided to join Mpuuga ahead of the 2016 general elections.  They include Francis Kasekende, the Masaka District DP general secretary, Lukanga Majwala, DP spokesperson, Kibra Ntensibe and Achilles Mawanda.

Kibra Ntensibe, one of the DP leaders says they decided to join Mpuuga after thorough consultations. He says they were advised by Kawanga and other senior party leaders to join Mpuuga for the good of the party.

He says they have met Mpuuga and agreed to work with him to secure a party card in 2016 general elections.

Lukanga Majwala, the DP spokesperson says they have decided to join forces for the good of Democratic Party. He says although they were opposed to Mpuuga previously, they are now ready to work with him.

Mpuuga has welcomed the support from the DP members saying he is ready to adhere with the party principles to restore its past Glory. Mpuuga also says he is ready to seek re-election in 2016 because he feels he has done his best.

Herman Ssentongo, the former Sembabule LC5 Chairperson says that he decided to relocate to Masaka on request from NRM. He says he has sought permission from his bosses in the State House to popularize himself to unseat Mpuuga.

Ssentongo claims that Masaka has not had effective representation for so many years since it has been in the hands of DP leaders who have done nothing. He says the opposition leaders have not improved the road network in the municipality.

Ssentongo also notes that the Municipality has no street lights yet it is one of the traditional towns. Other politicians eying Masaka Municipality are Francis Kizza Mujobe, the former NRM candidate, Peter Mutesasira and Godfrey Ssenyondo, both independents.

3 thoughts on “DP Leaders Back Mpuuga Ahead of 2016 Polls

  1. These MP’s make their seats monarchies and after say the president has ruled for long, let them also set term limits for MP’s or retire voluntarily.

  2. Mathias mpuuga, the Democratic Party fire Brand From Masaka District, should be selected/ or elected by the DP electoral College, to be the executive DP vice president 2016…. with full powers!!!..

    I have just looked at the on line poll in chimp report ..of people who are seriously going to contest for power in 2016….and have been shocked to see that Buganda region is no represented in this equation!!! ..when, it is Buganda region, that every tribe who want to reach the top …come to suit in their political time of need!…

    After all these so called presidents have achieved what they want, ..its the Baganda people who will be dust binned ..in Uganda’s political trash….until after another 5 years…when more suitors will come once again!!..and the circle continues once again!!!

    Hence, Buganda needs one of theirs to be next to the corridors of power!!!…..there should be no tricks ..were watching!!!………Please Mpuuga go back to your traditional political home DP… BECAUSE …Buganda region by design since time immemorial is DP .and NOT FDC.,OR NRM,OR UPC, OR IN WORKER’S PARTY..ETC!!!…

    IT IS only now that, Buganda has failed to push one of theirs with real qualities of a true leader, ..and a fire brand like you,…THAT IT HAS NOW TURNED INTO A POLITICAL PROSTITUTE!!!!,..where as said before some of them are in FDC..like UR SELF/INDEPENDENT, Mrs B kamya….Federal alliance, Bidandi sali…workers..,Bwanika….God knows what that one believes in.!!!!.Bbossa…UPC/…..Ssekandi…NRM….and so many and so forth.!!!!

    Once again, think about this mega project …..for the sake…and well being of the entire Buganda region as one voting block/bargaing block..for political power in the united Uganda!!! ……we are going to be watching this space….of course…..Red pepper… am sure …will be contacting you… with regards to this comment
    Yours Buganda Lwazi.

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