FUFA Boss Magogo Speaks Out On Mutundwe Lions Ruin & Relegation

FUFA President Moses Magogo
FUFA President Moses Magogo

To the football fraternity,
5th November, 2014
RE: Mutundwe Lions FC
It is very unfortunate that Mutundwe Lions FC has not been able to overcome it s interna l club administrative challenges and consequently not been able to honor it s fixtures in the 2014/5 FUFA Big League like the case has been fo r many other clubs before. Mutundwe Lions FC was founded in 1984 by the youths of Mutundwe Village,S miles from Kampala and amongst them was Mr. Kalibbala Chris, a current member of the FUFA Executive Committee . Mutundwe Lions FC is a membership of several youths in the area.
It was my personal initiative in 1999 to reorganize a formerly village team into a competitive entity to the level of the FUFA Big League producing so many players for the top clubs and the national team along the way.
I and my other colleagues have been at the helm of supporting this team where we have spent personal fortunes and energies for the club to get to this level.
However after death of one of the senior administrators at the club during t he offseason and when it became evident that I would have lesstime for the elderly guidance on administrative matters of the club and considering the volume of resources required, I offered to meet part of the club’s budget as other members handled the
business of the club.
Unfortunately it turned out that there was not enough time to create an administrative unit to underta ke the challenge.
It is a sad story that many promising players of the area have quit football because of this unfortunate incident.
Notably, whereas it is true that I have been the main financier of t he team, I was last elected as a club official for Mutundwe Lions in the 2005 FUFA Elections.
My financial and kind support has also been extended to over 10 football clubs including Super Cubs FC where I
was elected an official.
However there is no constitu tio nal requireme nt for t he FUFA President to own a football club.
I am however motivated that whereas it cost individuals huge sums of money to support the team last season, a
revelation in the player like Mucurezi Paul now at KCC FCgives the satisfaction and surety when Mutundwe Lions
Fe overcomes it s challenges, it will be back in competitive foot ball.
Eng.Moses Magogo
(Former Player, Mutundwe Lions Fe)

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