I am Not Divorcing Wahu – Nameless

Singer Nameless is not divorcing his wife Wahu.

Nameless Wahu
Nameless Wahu

The divorce rumour that  started on Facebook by blogger George Moseti on Sunday, saw people on the social media go on a name-calling spree directed to Wahu.

However, the Butterfly hit-singer has said that he is getting advice from his legal representatives regarding a possible prosecution of Moseti.

“The statement by the blogger was just crap and i am going to issue an official statement before the end of the week. I don’t respond to gossip but this one has gone too far,” said Nameless

“The blogger has crossed the line by dragging my children into his diabolical foolishness. I don’t know where he got the information indicating that we had undergone a DNA test.”

“We have had similar stories before but we’ve just let them slip away. But this one, we are taking action and it will be a lesson to others who have or are trying to pull such stunts just to get readers on their blogs,” he added.

The post in question read: “I suspected this n I saw it coming: Nameless files to divorce Wahu after paternity tests proves that the second child isn’t his…” Both Wahu and Moseti couldn’t be reached for a comment.

In the recent past, there have been reports that the nine-year-old marriage of the celebrity couple was on the rocks, but the two have come out strongly to deny the allegations.


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