Kadaga Protests South African Visa Restrictions

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has expressed disappointment with the treatment meted out by the South African Government on Ugandans seeking visas.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga
The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga

In her Communication from the Chair at the commencement of the Sitting of Parliament after a three weeks recess, Rt. Hon. Kadaga said that a number of Ugandans are treated unfairly at the South African Embassy where they have to go as early as 3.00a.m and are in most cases denied visas.

The Speaker added that even Ugandans who are just transiting through the South African airports are also required to acquire visas which is unfair since one is not leaving the airport premises.

“It is unnecessary to treat Ugandans in this way. Even when you are transiting and sitting at the airport in South Africa, you need a visa. This is not fair,”   Kadaga said.

She wondered why the South Africans do not reciprocate the goodwill of Uganda where they get their visas on entry at Entebbe Airport.

“They should take note of Uganda’s contribution to the South African liberation struggle. We have many of their businesses here. They should treat our people with dignity, “she urged.

The Speaker called on the Ugandan Government to intervene in this situation so that people can travel easily.

She also urged government address, through the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the high fees charged by other governments for the use of the VIP Lounges at their airports; yet they enjoy a free service at Entebbe International Airport.

“We are charged about 1000 pounds for the use of a VIP terminal for just two hours. Government must come out to explain this situation,” she said.


7 thoughts on “Kadaga Protests South African Visa Restrictions

  1. Well said it Mum, this is very unfair given that even many of the graves of their ANC fallen heroes remain in Uganda BURRIED ON OUR LAND, well cared for by our gov’ts meagre resources yet they r already a rich nation. If they don’t reciprocate, OUR GOV’T should impose similar restrictions and higher fees on them as well, when coming to Uganda, as the Baganda say, ‘Akufumbira eyomutwe, omufumbira eyebigere nemwenkanya evumbe’.

  2. It is the ministry of foreign affairs that has to pull up its dirty socks. Does uganda have the right professional people representing it overseas? or a bunch of frustrated election losers and men in uniform? What is uganda’s representation in south africa? As people talk now all east africans except uganda either do not need visa or get it at airport on arrive in south africal!!! Why? Tanzanians pay south african learning institutions tuition fees like south africans themselves, while ugandans pay like americans or brazilians? why? Where are uganda’s priorities and negotiating prowess? only in military ? Does uganda feel for well being of its citizens? why is ugandan passport almost worthless, requiring visas everywhere, while small countries such as mauritius almost do not need visa globally ? kadaga brings up an issue that is quite bigger than one can imagine..

  3. Hon. Kadaga, you are the heart of our Nation.

    This visa saga has pained and continues to pain many of us.

    Not only did we contribute to the liberation of South Africa right from the early sixties but we continued to support their fighters and offered scholarships to their nationals to study in preparation for taking over their country.

    For the record, the military coup against the first UPC government in Uganda was engineered by Britain while our president was attending the Commonwealth heads of Government conference in Singapore in 1971 because at that time Milton Obote (RIP), Keneth Kaunda, and Julius Nyerere were pressurising Britain to use its influence to grant SA and Rhodesia independence

    Today South Africa is the largest single beneficiary of economic liberalisation in Uganda.

    Mention Stanbic, Shoperite, Game, ESKOM, UMEME… the list is endless.

    The problem seems to be that the immigration system in South Africa has remained under apartheid while other systems have changed.

    But the real champions of our equal and reciprocal treatment by SA should be the government led by the president since he alone determines everything.

    He makes a lot of noise about African Union and Integration of markets but does not seem to do any research on how Uganda is benefiting or suffering under these very countries with whom we are supposed to be brothers to.

    It is a pity that these very SA officials give Britain and USA citizens special treatment and yet these were their tormentors!

    Let parliament take up this matter and if SA does not reciprocate, parliament should we should take the necessary steps to make SA citiczens face the same or even tougher immigration control measures.

  4. Uganda was reluctant to join SADC,then we should cry less,otherwise we would be enjoying the visa free SADC policy.

  5. maama talk about, south african treat us badly at their embassy, how can you give a visa of 6 days. this is unfair.

  6. Kadaga as speaker of parliament heads one of the arms of government, how is it that she says government must come and explain. Who is government if not her and her parliament that makes the legislation that runs this country?

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