Kalugira, Jay-Z 40/40 Connections Revealed

Last month city businessman Geoffrey Kalugira expanded his Kololo based posh hangout Route 256 by opening a new exclusive corporate club named 40/40 Lounge.


However, the name of the club is already owned by another individual, American rap mogul Jay-Z.

Close pals to Kalugira reveal to snoops that he was so impressed with the rapper’s chain of clubs in US when he had travelled there last year.

It is said that that was when the businessman got the idea to open 40/40 Lounge in Kampala. However, Kalugira could not operate the hangout under the same name without consent from Jay-Z as it would be copy right infringement.

Red Pepper Online has established that to avoid being dragged to court for copy right infringement, Kalugira used his connections and finally met the filthy rich rapper.

Inside 40 40

“He begged Jay-Z to permit him open a club using his trademark name 40/40 in Kampala. The rapper agreed but only asked Kalugira to have several huge posters of the rapper and his gorgeous wife Beyoncé in the club” reveals a close pal to Kalugira who preferred anonymity.

We have since learnt that because of this, Kalugira has been telling whoever cares to listen about how he is partnering with Jay-Z on the new posh corporate hangout.

According to Wikipedia, the 40/40 Club is a chain of sports bars and lounges owned by hip hop mogul Jay-Z and business partners.

The name is borrowed from the baseball term used to denote the exclusive group of Major

League Baseball players who have achieved the rare individual feat of recording 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season.

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