Katosi Residents Protest Delayed Compensation

Some of the families in Buikwe district whose property was destroyed to pave way for the construction of Mukono – Katosi road are living a life of uncertainty.



The affected families can no longer grow food as their gardens and houses were cleared by graders to pave way for the road works mid this year.

At least 4000 people mostly from Kisoga village in Ntenjeru Sub-county along Katosi road are affected. Francis Lukooya, the Mukono LC V chairperson says at least 1000 people have been compensated by government.

He says the others will be compensated in due course, but doesn’t specify when this will happen.

Jennifer Kakooza, a resident of Katosi village is one of those still waiting for compensation. Kakooza says her crop garden and house was destroyed to pave way for the road works.

She however says that Uganda National Roads Authority – UNRA asked them to open bank accounts and get Tax Identification Numbers, which she and other residents are finding difficult because of their educational levels.

Yudaya Namirembe, a farmer in Kisoga village says she lost half an acre of her garden to the road construction as a result she can’t grow crops and rare animals on the remaining land to feed her family.

She says unless something is done to compensate them immediately so that she can find alternative farm land, her family will starve due to lack of food.

Godfrey Serunjogi, the LCIII chairperson Buikwe town council says despite being appreciative of the road construction, residents are unhappy that they lost land and their property to the road works.

He says the situation has been worsened by the delayed compensation of most of the affected residents.

Daniel Alinange, the spokes person Uganda National Roads Authority – UNRA says the finance ministry released UGX 5 billion for compensating the affected people.

He explains that, the money will be released after every three months until all the affected people are fully compensated. Government contracted EUTAW Construction Company, which in turn sub contracted CICO, a Chinese firm to undertake the construction of the 74 km road under unclear circumstances.

However, the Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja intervened and stopped the road works since the affected people were never compensated.

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