Katsha Attacked, Blames King Lawrence For The Whole Mess

South African based Sangoma and business man Shaffic Katumba famously known as Katsha survived death over the weekend after being kidnapped by unknown assailants.

Katsha with the dynamic duo Radio and Weasel
Katsha with the dynamic duo Radio and Weasel

Katsha says he survived because he managed to bribe the Kidnappers and he blames his longtime friend King Lawrence for facilitating the goons.

It all started on Wednesday last week when people who pretended to be police men cordoned off Katsha’s residence and demanded to search his house. They suspected him to be having illicit drugs.

They searched the house and they later asked him to pay them money or else he is killed.

In order to save his life, he offered them $7000 and the so called police men took off at a terrific speed.

Katsha Kidnapped Ahead of Radio & Weasel Show

The dynamic duo and 2013 BET nominees Radio and Weasel had a show in South Africa on Friday evening and Katsha was supposed to attend in person.

As he left his home for the show, Katsha was attacked by masked men who grabbed, put him in a car and drove off to unknown destination.


Katsha narrated to our source on what happened shortly after being kidnapped

According to the source, Katsha was ordered to surrender all the money he had. He pleaded with them to let him go but they refused.

Katsha decided to double the money they were working for and also requested them to reveal who had sent them finish him.

They revealed that someone hired them to finish him off after seeing him displaying lots of cash and expensive cars on Facebook

They called King Lawrence on his mobile phone and told him they were following Katsha closely.

King sounded so excited on hearing the news. This is when Katsha knew that the man behind this plot was his close friend.

Katsha King Lawrence Fall Out

Katsha and King Lawrence have been close friends for long until late last year.

Sources have revealed that recently Katsha won a lottery and decided to concentrate on his own business without King Lawrence.

It is now believed that King Lawrence is trying to revenge on the fast developing Katsha.

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