KCCA Evicts Mulago Round-About Market Vendors

Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA has evicted vendors from Mulago round-about market along Hajj Musa Kasule Road in Kawempe Division.

KCCA demolition

KCCA enforcement officers backed by armed Police descended on the market in the wee hours of this morning with graders and started erasing the vendor’s stalls.

Mulago round-about market has been home to several fruits, fresh food and cooked food vendors. The eviction of the vendors has drawn angry reactions from the vendors, who accuse KCCA of evicting them without giving them any notice.

KCCA issued an eviction notice to the traders through Mulongo Wasswa the Chairperson of Kimwanyi Zone but he kept it to himself and continued collecting rent from the vendors on his land.

Two other vendors operating on an adjacent piece of land didn’t receive any eviction notice, but were served this morning by Jacqueline Mali, the KCCA Building Inspector and Physical Planner to vacate within 28 days.

Florence Wanyana, a dealer in refreshments products and Matooke says the eviction caught them unaware since they didn’t receive any notice.

She explains that, they only received the eviction notice after their property such as Fridges, Television set and cooking stoves amongst others were thrown out in the rain. Mali says they will move back to Wandegeya old market after the expiry of the 28 days notice given to them.

Teopista Nakassi, a food vendor says that before they were served with the eviction notice they were ordered to remove their properties from the containers to pave way for their eviction.

Nulu Nazziwa, a food vendor in Katale B Wandegeya noted that on arrival all her property was already destroyed without notice. She also accused KCCA enforcement officers for stealing some of her property in her absence.

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  1. Well done KCCA please carry on the good work. We must all abide to abide by law and order no matter situation is. We could laughing in future if our city is cleaner and looks like a capital city

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