Mbabazi Dropped

Security has finally okayed the Muteesa One Royal University Pageant after its organizers agreed to drop Amama Mbabazi, the former prime minister from the guest list.

Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi
Ex Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi

On Saturday last week, Masaka District Security Committee led by Linos Ngopek, the Resident District Commissioner blocked the beauty pageant that was scheduled to take place at Ambiance Discotheque on the grounds that, Mbabazi was invited as chief guest.

Ngopek and his team threatened to close the club should they allow Mbabazi to preside over the event. According to Ngopek, the security committee resolved to block Mbabazi because he has unresolved security issues to settle.

The decision by the district security committee didn’t go down well students, sparking off protest at the Muteesa One Royal University Campus in Kirumba Zone in Masaka Municipality.

The students, competitors and organizers of the pageant accused security of sabotaging their event. Masaka district security committee has finally okayed the event after the organizers agreed to drop Mbabazi as chief guest.

Jesse Lumu, the Chairperson Organizing Committee says they agreed to drop Mbabazi from the guest list for the good of the event. He however, says that they asked the RDC to compensate them UGX 10M they lost on Saturday.

Allen Naluumu, Jackie Namusoke and Ritah Katumba are some of the contestants in the beauty pageant. The trio want Ngopek to compensate them saying they lost two million shillings ahead of the cancelled event.

Allen Naluumu says that she spent three hundred thousand shillings on makeup, accommodation and meals, which she wants the RDC to refund.

Ritah Katumb, another contestant says that she paid her trainer two hundred fifty thousand shillings for three days ahead to the event. She says despite the fact that, the event has been okayed she needs more money for her preparations.

Katumba accuses security operatives of turning the beauty pageant into political event yet they had invited Mbabazi before he was fired.

Gerald Wangi, the Guild President Muteesa One Royal University claims that the guild had contributed fifteen million shillings towards the event.

He wants security to refund half of the money since they had already used part of it to facilitate transport for the judges, master of ceremonies, accommodation and trainers.

But Linos Ngopek, the Masaka RDC says there will be no compensation. He says the University erred by inviting Mbabazi without consulting security adding that, there is no way they will compensate them.

Ngopek says despite the fact that, they have okayed the event, they will not hesitate to stop it should they get any hint that Mbabazi is coming.

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  1. ????….. I seem now to understand why Libyans had to get rid of Gadhafi. some things absolutely make no sense!

  2. Ngopek, now you think that you are more NRM than Mbabazi. Watch your steps and actions. No one will live longer than Uganda. Hence, each one of you tormenting Ugandans will account for your dirty actions. To Ngopek, security means Museveni. Very sad. This is the danger of recruiting people on the basis of their allegiance and not on the basis of professional conduct

  3. Does this Linos Ngombek know a man called Lt. Col Nassur and what happened to him after Amin’s ouster? Let him fool around.

  4. Wonders never cease, the other day it was Mbabazi blocking Besigye from going place, this time round it is the hunter being hunted. We will have the last laugh

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