Mugumya Arrest: FDC Youth Vow To Storm Congolose Embassy

A group of opposition youth under the umbrella of ‘Youth Activists’ have vowed to storm the Congolese Embassy on Monday to demand the immediate production of Sam Mugumya.


It comes a week after the Ugandan government alleged that, Mugumya an aide to Kiiza Besigye, the former FDC leader was picked up by Congolese government for subversive activities.

This morning, the Youth activists led by Moses Byamugisha and Francis Mwijukye held a press briefing at Besigye’s office along road saying they are interested in the Congolese government confirming whether it has Mugumya.

Byamugisha said it was suspicious for Uganda government to claim their colleague is in Congo yet the Congolese government has not issued any statement to that effect.

Byamugisha said they want DRC to disassociate itself from Uganda’s dictatorial tendencies, adding that, they demand to know from DRC whether they have Mugumya.

He was supported by Mwijukye who said they were surprised that it’s the defense ministry not foreign affairs which made the announcement regarding the arrest of the opposition youth.


While flashing Mugumya’s photo that was released by government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo, Mwijukye said it appeared the youth had been tortured. He said by undressing Mugumya, government was abusing his rights.

He said the government is using the art to threaten other youth who are openly opposing the NRM leadership. “ The presumption of innocence is cardinal tenet of criminal justice system and must be respected by government.

We demand that Mugumya is either released or arraigned in court,” the FDC youth said.

Bymugisha challenged government to prove that their colleague isn’t in one of the safe houses in Kololo. Nicholous Opio, a renowned Human rights lawyer said government is being mean with the truth in regard to Mugumya’s detention.

He said it is the duty of government to protect its citizens wherever they are. Opio wondered why if Mugumya wronged the Congolese government he has not been produced in court.

He said for Uganda to have an embassy in other countries, it is to protect its citizens and it interests. Opio said whenever a citizen is arrested, a state must take interest to investigate under what circumstance.

3 thoughts on “Mugumya Arrest: FDC Youth Vow To Storm Congolose Embassy

  1. Can I correct FDC that a youth is a person 14-21 years (childhood to adulthood). I’m blind these look like men over 21yrs? It seems youth is used as convenience at the expense of youth who fits into that bracket. Young people are future of our nation but to have grown up men that DENY them opportunity to learn and flourish. I’m afraid we are still backwards and have greedy people who don’t have a vision of what young can bear fruits. Shame on old men.

  2. Poor boy, instead of concentrating on what matters he has decided to put himself between a rock and a hard thing, politics is a no go area for the faint hearted.

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