NRM Delegates Conference To Be Blocked

NRM enthusiast Retired Captain Daudi Ruhinda Maguru has run to the High Court in Kampala seeking to block the party’s delegate’s conference slated for December 15.

Retired Captain Daudi Ruhinda Maguru
Retired Captain Daudi Ruhinda Maguru

Capt. Maguru, a former aide to President Yoweri Museveni stated in a petition filed today, November 18, 2014 that the delegate’s conference will be in breach of the consent judgment of October 25, 2010 that he entered with NRM’s top officials.

He reasons that in the agreed consent, they agreed that a five member committee be put in place to settle the question of the NRM sole presidential flag bearer that surfaced during the last elections.

The consent judgment followed Maguru’s agreement to pull out of the case in which he had sought to nullify the election of President Museveni in the last elections for being technically edged out in primaries so as to become a sole candidate for NRM.

Maguru adds that the NRM party pledged to put in place an independent and competent Electoral Commission as some of the terms and conditions to amicably settle his differences with NRM.

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He now states that despite several reminders, NRM has never implemented the terms of this consent judgment in total disregard of the earlier agreement.

It’s on this basis that Maguru has now sued President Museveni in his capacity as chairman of the NRM and the Secretary General for issuing press statements on the November 4, 2014 calling for delegates to convene in Namboole stadium for purposes of amending the party’s constitution.

He is concerned that the conference is bent at giving the party chairman powers to handpick the Secretary General at his discretion and to also abolish elections of party presidential flag bearer.

Subsequently, Justice Lydia Mugambe who has been allocated this file, has set the 3rd of December, 2014, to her the matter before making a decision on the delegates conference.

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