Pallaso, Jeff Arrested Taken To Court

The latest is that Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso and his manager Jeff Kiwanuka have been arrested and taken to Makindye court where they are to be charged with assault and affray.

Jeff Kiwanuka
Jeff Kiwanuka

Our sources have revealed that Pallaso handed himself over to Katwe police this morning after warrant of arrest was issued.

Pallaso and Jeff assaulted Weasel’s pregnant wife Samila who was at the Makindye based Neverland home.

Pallaso is believed to have thumped Samira into coma. He also thumped Samira’s bodyguard.

Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso
Pius Mayanja well known as Pallaso

It has also been revealed that Jose Chameleone was at Katwe Police station when Pallaso was being grilled by the officers.

Eyewitnesses said that Chameleone did not move out of his car but he instructed police officers to ensure that Pallaso is detained.

Currently Radio and Weasel are in South Africa and they are expected in the country next week.

5 thoughts on “Pallaso, Jeff Arrested Taken To Court

  1. If Chameleon instructed the police to detain pallaso as his brother,its real a nice work and this shows some responsibility as elder brother.

  2. What the hell is wrong with the Mayanja’s. Brothers fighting amongst themselves publicly doesn’t really taste good. Could it be bad naturing and upbringing??? These guys really get us the fans very confused!!!

  3. And what do we call a man who doesn’t respect a woman especially in that delicate state as Shamira’s.

  4. Uganda how can Chameleon instruct the police from his car has he forgotten his murder case of Karamagi !

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