Panadol Wabasajja Singer Sent Back To Luzira

Local musician Jemimah Kansiime a.k.a Panadol Wa Basajja has been sent back to Luzira by Makindye court after she failed to bring sureties.


Jemimah Kansiime was a few weeks ago jointly charged with Muchwa March Didi Mugisha for producing pornography.

Muchwa March Didi Mugisha pleaded guilty to producing pornography and he was fined Ugx 200,000.

Prosecution alleged that during the year 2014 in Kampala, Mugisha and Kansiime; willfully and unlawfully produced, trafficked in, imported, exported, sold and abetted pornography.

Prosecution further alleged that the duo did this by engaging in publication, exhibition, cinematography or stimulated explicit sexual activities in the song video titled Nkulinze

The anti pornography act outlaws anything that shows sexual parts of a person such as breasts, thighs, buttocks or any erotic behavior. The offense attracts various penalties up to a maximum jail sentence of ten years.

The passing of the Bill into law was greeted with confusion as most law enforcers did not know the level at which a cloth was to stop in order to called a miniskirt and also some goons tried to enforce the law by undressing any skimpily dressed woman.

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