Rakai Man Resurrects Two Hours to His Burial

There was drama at Kasensero Landing site in Rakai district on Sunday after a man who had been declared dead came to life just two hours to his burial. 

Zachariah Kasagga, a prominent fisherman at Kasensero landing site was declared dead on Friday morning at around 10 am after a long illness.

His friends wrapped his body in backcloth, blanket and bed sheets and started hunting for his immediate relatives in Kabinda Village in Kabira Sub County to take it for burial.

On Sunday afternoon, Kasagga’s relatives showed up and made arrangements to transport the body to his ancestral home for burial, where a grave had already been prepared.

The deceased’s relatives had also made various announcements on the various FM and community Radio stations notifying residents of Kassaga’s burial at 4pm.

Due to financial challenges, the relatives of the deceased decided to transport his body on a boda boda motorcycle to Kabira while the mourners followed on foot.

However, the boda boda motorists who was hired to transport the body only identified as Ntumwa says, the body started moving and coughing as they approached the burial ground.

Ntumwa says that he was shocked to hear the deceased coughing, which forced him to stop and run for his dear life.

The mourners who were following the body arrived shortly and wondered why the body was on the ground and the motorcycle had been abandoned.

In a few seconds,the wrapped body started moving and coughing sending the mourners scampering in different directions.

Some of the mourners returned 20 minutes later and unwrapped the body and found Kasagga alive.

Elivania Tebasulwa, the mother to Kasagga says her son was frail and could hardly breathe.

She says they called police, which rushed Kasagga to Kalisizo hospital where he is in intensive care.

Tebasulwa told said that they had already dug a grave and cooked for the mourners when they received information that Kasagga had miraculously returned to life.

She says they ate the food in jubilation after receiving the good news.

Isaac Mugera, the Officer in Charge of Kasensero police post has confirmed the incident saying he gave out his patrol car to rush Kasagga to hospital in order to save his life.

He says that the rare incident also left them stunned adding that, Kasagga is lucky to have stayed for some time before burial.

Gershom Kalemeera, one of the elders of Kabinda village says that it was a miracle from God that Kasagga returned to life adding that they had been praying for him since the news about his death reached them.

Evalisto Kalyango, another elder says that mourners decided to plant a banana sucker in the grave in line with the Baganda culture. Steven Kabuye, a close friend to Kasagga says it was a miracle that he returned to life since he had spent three days wrapped in backcloth and blankets.

While the mourners and some Christian faithful called it a miracle from God, medics at Kalisizo hospital who preferred anonymity, say Kasagga had gone into comma due to the long illness.

Our reporter visited Kalisizo hospital on Monday morning and found Kasagga on drip under the care of his mother. He could not speak as his voice was so weak.

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  1. People should be pronounced dead by qualified personnel. This tells to resuscitate whenever we think someone might be dead. It could been cardiac arrest or associated conditions.

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