Samantha, Mr. 265 Evicted From Big Brother Hotshots

After 42 days of Big Brother Africa, South Africa and Malawi said goodbye for the first time.


Neither looked surprised at having to leave, and were very calm as they walked out. Butterphly, however, broke down in tears watching them leave.

There were hugs all round as they said goodbye, bringing the number of housemates down to twelve and leaving the gender balance in place.

Samantha has not escaped notice in the house, what with being embroiled in a love triangle of sorts with JJ and Idris.

She’s had a good run, having won Head of House and the Star Meter as well. Her confidence came close to breaking when she lost extravaganza after extravaganza.

Last week she was finally part of a winning team, but ironically she was put for eviction by Head of House Sipe.

We could not have missed Mr. 265 either, bonding with his bros and often seen in the heat of the most exciting frays in the house.

He did come close to winning Head of House, but lost to Idris, who proved to be better at putting on the green.

He also had intimate conversations with Butterphly, but we’ll have to wait till the end of the show to see if anything further develops between them.

Samantha told IK she had sensed an underlying tension between her and Sipe, and thus the nomination did not come as a shock.

She spoke to IK about her strike, and said straight out that she would not date Idris outside the house.

Mr. 265 chatted about his altercation with Tayo, and confessed that although it had been a tough moment, it was still entertaining.

As a radio and television presenter, he knows that Big Brother Africa has been a great platform, but he agreed with Figgie that housemates were lazy, and there was a lot of hard work in store for him.

There was a change to the extravaganza this week, as housemates were not playing for immunity – the winners would receive a message from their loved ones instead.

The lucky prize, which will go a long way in bolstering the spirits of the victorious Hotshots, went to Team B for their performance.

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