Security Investigates Wereabouts of 5,000 Missing Guns

Security agencies in Lango sub region have opened joint investigations to establish the whereabouts of 5000 guns that were distributed to the disbanded Amuka militias.



The guns in question are part of the 12, 000 firearms, that were handed over to Amuka militias in early 2000 at the height of the LRA insurgency in Northern Uganda.

Government recruited the auxiliary forces to help boost UPDF in combating the LRA rebels. The group was disbanded in 2008 and some of the combatants incorporated in the UPDF.

However, some of the combatants remained with the weapons in their possession as 5000 firearms were never returned.

2nd Lieutenant George Musinguzi, the 5th Division deputy Army spokesperson says that they have launched joint investigations to establish the whereabouts of the guns.

He says despite their calls to the former combatants to return the guns voluntarily, none has been been recovered under this arrangement.

He says much as some of the combatants were integrated into UPDF and police, many of them stayed behind and didn’t return the guns in their possession.

George Odongo, the Lira Resident District Commissioner says they are designing a fresh strategy to recover all the fire arms from former members of the disbanded group.

He urges those still in possession of the weapons to use this chance and surrender them because they crack down on them under the new strategy.

Joseph Onyango Okello, a former Amuka fighter alleges that powerful members of society who also were recruited into the group are the ones who never returned their guns. Onyango claims that, even some powerful people aligned to the ruling party never returned their guns.

In 2012, Uganda Peoples Defence Forces-UPDF launched a voluntary disarmament exercise in Lango sub region but it failed.

Under the voluntary disarmament all those in possession of illegal guns were asked to return them without being prosecuted.  In the late 2013 until early 2014, Lira town registered several cases of armed robberies, which claimed the lives of 14 people mainly traders.

One such trader is Susan Akidi Eryau, the proprietor of Good Lord hardware who was gunned down a few meters away from the main gate to her home.

The murders attracted the attention of General Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police who rushed to Lira and deployed a special squad to restore sanity in the district,

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