Smoked Out: Stella Nankya’s Billionaire Man Identified

Red pepper online has exclusively landed on the photos of Stella Nankya’s Billionaire man.

Biallo Tino , Stella Nankya and their baby Trinkle.
Biallo Tino , Stella Nankya and their baby Trinkle.

Stella Nankya is a South African based model who owns Starqt fashion house.

Our highly place sources in South Africa have revealed that Nankya’s billionaire man is an Italian who has businesses in South Africa.

Stella Nankya and her baby Trinkle.
Stella Nankya and her baby, Trinkle.

He has been identifies as Biallo Tino and we can confirm that he is the father of Stella Nankya’s Twins.

In August this year, Stella gave birth to twins but no one could identify the person who had made her spend sleepless nights nine months before.

Biallo Tino
Biallo Tino

Stella is a proud mother of five children and they are Qtie, Star, Trich, Sky and Trinkle.

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