These Are The Dangerous Penis Enlargement Methods

Magic Penis Enlargement Pills:

Who ever came up with this concept must be really kidding themselves, or just trying to make a buck. There is not a pill in the world that will enlarge your penis, and we have tried! Can you take a pill to make your lips or nose bigger? OF COURSE NOT!

The fact is there is no possible way to enlarge your penis without performing some kind of development exercise therapy to your penis and testicles, plain and simple.

While some of these “miracle pills” do give some men better erections or better sexual performance, the idea that size enlargement is possible is out of the question.

On the other hand the placebo effect will always work for a certain percent of the users of a given product. We recommend if you’re taking any of these products, is to use them in conjunction with this program for optimal results.

Vacuum Pumps:

The idea behind vacuum pumping is that you will force blood into your penis and force it to grow. Now, this may sound erotic or reasonable, but buyers beware! A vacuum pump will injure your penis easier than it will enlarge your penis, simply because it’s forced vacuum power, not stimulation exercise.

Most men aren’t going to wait a whole year to gain 1″ and do it the right way, instead they think the more they pump the faster the results. WRONG!

Pumps have been around for centuries because men have always tried to create ways to enlarge their penis, their symbol of manhood and fertility.

This simply is not worth your time or money if you are looking to enlarge your penis naturally. Enlarging your penis is the only thing you could be possibly trying to accomplish by pumping, because it does NOTHING for your penile health or strength. In fact, pumping can cause impotence if misused! Here are some continual problems you will come across if you decide to use a pump:

Broken Blood Vessels, Painful Daily Regimens, Embarrassing pump to hide from family, Injury from over pumping, Impotence from pumping, Poor urination flow, Skin blotches, Extreme swelling from over pumping,  Very SLOW enlargement process.

Weight Hanging:

Weight hanging for penis enlargement is perhaps the oldest penis enlargement method ever used. Centuries ago tribes used noose contraptions that fastened around the penis head, while rocks were hung from the bottom.

This would stretch out the penis longer through years of practice. Today’s products have been developed to simulate this ancient method of enlargement. Now, this may sound like a good idea, but here’s why weight hanging should totally be avoided if you really desire a bigger, healthier penis:

Only lengthens the penis, does not thicken. Cuts off circulation to the penis head and surrounding areas, Creates unsightly stretching marks on the penis, Lessens sensation during intercourse due to the continual lack of proper circulation to the penis and surrounding areas. Could damage the nerves in the penis and cause permanent and untreatable impotence. Extended hanging sessions could cause permanent damage to the areas where proper circulation was lost and could easily require partial amputation of the penis *YIKES!!!!* Does nothing for overall penile health, strength, and ability. In fact, weight hanging can even CAUSE poor penile health, weaker erections, and lessened ability/use of your penis.

Surgical Procedures:

Penis enlargement surgery is a very dreaded, painful, and dangerous operation that has a quite high non-success rate according to patient opinion.

When doing research on this surgery, we came across many horror stories from men telling their experience going under the knife to achieve a larger penis size. Instead, they received many if not all of the following:

Deformed looking penis – Impotence – Loss of sex drive – Painful Erections if any at all – Horrible scarring – Hideous appearance of penis – Lumps & Pits – Poor Circulation to Penis & Testicles – Damage to the very intricate network of nerves throughout the penis causing pain, loss of feeling, and complete impotence.

But have no fear, that’s why we have developed our Penile Enhancement System. Spreading the word of real Penile Enhancement that works, but won’t cost you a steep $10,000 to be mutilated and possibly ruined sexually for LIFE.

Surgery also does nothing for penile strength, health, or ability like our Program does. Surgery merely graphs your flesh and fat underneath your penis skin to give it a larger appearance, and cuts the suspensatory ligament.


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