Artistes That Flopped Musically This Year

2014 has been a year of breakthroughs and international appearances from some artists but to some, it has been a year of total exodus in this edition, we bring you musicians who have had total fiasco all year long.

Grace Nakimera

Uganda's female singer Grace Nakimera
Uganda’s female singer Grace Nakimera

This diva has been relevant year after year in the recent past, but it has been a different story for 2014

Grace spends more of her time at Namugongo construction site where her new mansion is being erected.

Her Mansion has been under construction for over the past two years and this has greatly affected her music career since she dedicates little time to it.

Irene Namubiru

Singer Iryn Namubiru
Singer Iryn Namubiru

Since her arrest in Japan, Irene has never got back onto her feet.

She seems to be living with the shame and guilt of cocaine smuggling.

She has released several mediocre songs that have not made it through to the public and they include, Byansi among others.

Though being a flop this year, she managed to fire her brother and Manager Thadius Mubiru. She is now managed by UK based PR firm Grojah.


Uganda's female rapper Keko
Uganda’s female rapper Keko

2014 has definitely not been a good year for the female rapper who has had less than four songs hitting all round the year. The rapper has been successful in the recent past but her style and class are deteriorating

Rumour had it earlier on, that the rapper was dating Sheebah Karungi though no evidence was presented.

GNL Zamba

GNL Zamba
GNL Zamba

The Baboon Forest boss has been scarce on radio and TV playlists the whole of this year despite his involvement in international projects with Reach A hand Uganda.

It all started when his all time friend and fellow musician, Mun G left the camp to start his own label ‘Kunta Kinte’

Objectively speaking, Mun G has been more successful this year than his former boss

Sizza man

Everyone remembers this Angella hit maker, but he seems to have vanished from all radio and Club playlists.

He has not had any solo track on playlists this year apart from the little collabos he has done

His disappearance came after the trend of Jamaican music in Uganda took route

Sizza used to do a copy and translate system from the Jamaican songs, but since people can now realise the originals, he has kept low since then

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